Name: Plain Tiger

Scientific name: Danaus (Anosia) chrysippus

Type: Moths and Butterflies

Order: Lepidoptera

Family: Brush-footed butterflies or Four-footed butterflies

Color: Tawny

Habitat: Farms,Fields

Nature Reserves: Irkaya

Size: 70-80 mm

Conservation status:

Resident Breeder


Insect follows Nymphalidae family, and Lepidoptera order. Butterfly body is black with white spots, wings are yellowish black. Wing is 70-80 mm long. It flies from dawn till dusk. Female lays one oviparous on lower surface of leaves, then on the upper surface making several holes in leaves. Butterfly attacks several plant families including; Asclepiadoideae , Moraceae, Malvaceae, Gramineae, and Rosaceae.