Baluch Rock Gecko


Name: Baluch Rock Gecko

Scientific name: Bunopus tuberculatus

Synonym: Bunopus blanfordii

Type: Nocturnal lizards

Family: Gekkonidae


This is a small size lizard with a total body length of about 10 cm. The body colour varies according to habitat, usually between brown and grey. The species has prominent tubercles on the back and flanks as indicated by their name “tuberculatus”. The toes are rather short and straight and lack expanded toe pads, and they are ground dwelling geckos and do not climb much. They are active at night and during the day they hide in crevices and under rocks. They can be found in stony soils with sparse vegetation and rocks, and in sand fields in rural areas. They eat insects and other small invertebrates. Females lay eggs several times a year

World Distribution:

This species is distributed in Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Egypt, Palestine, Jordan, Syria, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan and Turkmenistan

Conservation status:

It is classified as Least Concern (LC) on the IUCN Red List

Scientific publications:

We have found 24 scientific publications about the species in international databases. Most studies are general about their geographic distribution, but also about physiology, particularly dealing with tail regeneration. Other studies are about their parasites and ecology. No information about the ecology of this species exists for Qatar

Similar species:

Cyrtopodion scabrum


Blanford, 1874