Eagle, Booted


Name: Eagle, Booted

Scientific name: Aquila pennata

Type: Eagle

Color: Black,Brown,White

Habitat: Desert,Fields,Water

Size: 43-53cm

Conservation status:



Two phases. Size of Buzzard, but outline and wing-position close to Black Kite; tail square-cut. More ample deep-fingered wings than Buzzard. Pale phase identified by creamy white underparts with contrasting blackish flight-feathers, kite-like band on innerwing above, pale scapulars and upper-tail-coverts and diagnostic small white spot at base of neck, seen on front-view. Dark phase similar above but under surface dark brown, or rufous with black band through centre of underwing. Lacks dark carpal-patch of most Buzzards; also has darker flight-feather bases, paler inner primaries, different upperpart pattern and tail shape. When perched, feathered tarsus also separates from a Buzzard. Has deeper, more powerful wing-beats and steadier glides than a Buzzard. Soars on flat wings and does not hover.

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