Eyelash Plant, Njiaa


Name: Eyelash Plant, Njiaa

Scientific name: Blepharis ciliaris

Type: Herb

Color: Violet,White

Habitat: Rocky Areas

Size: 75 cm

Conservation status:



Family: Asteraceae. Growth form: Perennial herb. Flowering. Mar–Apr. Status: Native. Local. Also recorded: E Saudi Arabia, UAE. habitat & distribution: Occasional, on compact stony and gravelly soils; mainly in C Qatar; rare in the west. El Amin recorded along the road from Al Sheehaniyah (where it still common) to Dukhan; it also occurs along the road to Al Zubarah (Renee Richer). uses: Grazed by camels but not by sheep or goats (El Amin). The roots are ground to make a powder (kohl) and used to treat eye inFloweringammation and cataracts. The seeds have healing and anti-inflammatory properties (Rizk & El-Ghazaly).