Hooded Malpolon (False Cobra)


Name: Hooded Malpolon (False Cobra)

Scientific name: Malpolon moilensis

Synonym: False cobra

Type: Snakes

Family: Colubridae

Nature Reserves: Irkaya


This species will shed once every 30–50 days. Like other snakes, the process will take about 7–10 days. On the first two days, the eyes will become bluish in color and the skin will become pale. A week later, the snake will shed its skin. During the whole period, you should avoid handling the snake or feeding it. In the wild, it mainly feeds on rodents, fledgling birds, and lizards. When threatened, it will imitate a cobra's stance by spreading its neck into a hood and hissing like the cobra.

World Distribution:

This species is found in North Africa and the Middle East.

Conservation status:


Scientific publications:

M. moilensis

Similar species:

M. moilensis


Adults are usually 0.80 - 1.40 m in length, but some specimens have reached about 1.9 m. They have big round eyes, reddish in colour. One distinctive feature that the snake has is a black blotch which runs from the cheek to the angle of the jaw.

It generally has a straw coloured background checkered with brownish spots running along the body. The belly surface is usually creme.