Name: Qurdi

Scientific name: Ochradenus baccatus

Type: Shrub

Color: Brown,Green

Habitat: Rocky Areas,Sandy Areas

Size: 50 - 200 cm

Conservation status:



Growth form: Shrub. Flowering. Mar–Apr. Status: Native. Common. Also recorded: Bahrain, Kuwait, E Saudi Arabia, UAE. Habitat & distribution: Occasional or frequent in sandy or gravelly depressions, growing amongst Acacia, Ziziphus and Lycium. It can be seen by the roadside of the Al Shamal highway from north of Doha to Al Khor and from Al Rayyan to Al Rashed (Mohammed Al Safran); strong populations also occur inside Qatar University and the surrounding areas.Uses: Cornes & Cornes say that it is mainly eaten by goats which strip the plants down to a few centimetres. The twigs, leaves and Flowers are applied to wounds and sores to kill maggots (Rizk & El-Ghazaly). Ghazanfar reports the fruit and leaves are used to treat stomach-ache.

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