Rail, Water


Name: Rail, Water

Scientific name: Rallus aquaticus

Type: Crake

Color: Blue,Brown

Habitat: Water

Size: 26cm

Conservation status:

Winter Visitor and Rare Passage Migrant


Mostly heard, seldom briefly seen walking in cover along edge of reeds or other aquatic vegetation. Obviously smaller than Moorhen, but bigger than the three smaller crakes and easily told from them by long, slender bill. Adult has dark, mottled brown upperparts, uniform slate-blue sides of head and underparts with heavy black and white bars on flanks, conspicuous white undertail and red bill. Juvenile has browner face, and mottled, greyer, less blue underparts and blackish bill. Tail often carried up and flicked in alarm; can run very fast. When flushed, flies only a short distance on fluttering, rounded wings with long legs dangling, before diving into cover.