Shoveler, Northern


Name: Shoveler, Northern

Scientific name: Anas clypeata

Type: Duck

Color: Brown,Green,Red

Habitat: Coast,Ocean,Water

Size: 51cm

Conservation status:

Winter Visitor


Medium sized, rather heavily built and short necked dabbling duck. Differs from all other ducks with huge spatulate bill. Swims with front end low and bill often dabbling in water. Shape and proportions unique. Male has unmistakable dark bill and glossy green head which contrast markedly with white breast and shoulder. Flanks and belly strikingly chestnut. In flight wings appear set too far back. It looks black, white and chestnut with distinctive blue forewing. Female and juvenile on water resemble female Mallard and Gadwall, but enormous bill is distinctive. Eclipse male largely resembles female but with brighter,blue forewing.