Tern, Lesser-crested


Name: Tern, Lesser-crested

Scientific name: Sterna bengalensis

Type: Tern

Color: Black,White,Yellow

Habitat: Coast,Ocean,Water

Size: 46cm

Conservation status:



Size of Sandwich Tern but resembles Swift Tern more closely in plumage. Has long slim orange-yellow bill, pale ash-grey upperparts with rump and tail paler grey. Slightly crested nape black as may be forehead for short period in summer, but forehead otherwise white. In winter, bill paler orange-yellow and solid black is confined to nape. Juvenile resembles juvenile Swift Tern but upperwing has paler dark bands and less pronounced pale mid-wing panel; bill dirtier greyish yellow; dark markings on innerwing retained to 1 st spring as are dark primaries above. Told from Sandwich by bill colour and slightly darker upperparts. In graceful flight, wings placed slightly more centrally than in Sandwich and bill often carried more horizontally; distant young Sandwich lacks clear dark bars on inner upperwing of similar Lesser Crested.