Rüppell’s Sand Fox, Sand Fox


Name: Rüppell’s Sand Fox, Sand Fox

Local name: الثعل، الثعلب الرملي

Scientific name: Vulpes rueppellii sabaea

Nature Reserves: Irkaya

Size: 60


The Sand Fox is found primarily in semi-arid to arid grasslands. They are not tolerant of human habitation and their range has been restricted by the expansion of that of the Red Fox. The Sand Fox endures thirst and will remain in deep burrows to avoid excessive heat.


Sand Foxes are predominantly nocturnal, though they may be seen sometimes in the late afternoon. They feed on insects, spiders, lizards, snakes, rodents and fruit. Female gives birth to litters of two to three cubs once a year, after a gestation of about 56 days.


In Qatar, Sand foxes have been seen in Al Arayq, Bartha, adid, Jaw Assalama, Al Qasira, Twar and Nakhsh


Length: 60-85 cm, Tail length: 25-36 cm, Weight: 1.5-2 kg