This application would not have been possible without the leadership and forward thinking of Marjo Louw and Jack Saba of Sasol Qatar, originators of the concept in 2013, and the full support of Dr. Saif Al-Hajari, Chairman, Friends of the Environment Centre (FEC). The first application of its kind in the Arab world, funded by Sasol, became a reality thanks to their persistence in making the application a primary source of information about Qatar’s rich nature in Arabic and English.

Sasol and FEC greatly appreciate all the contributors to the application in its various sections:

Special Thanks go to the Supreme Education Council (SEC) for supporting and promoting the Qatar e-Nature application and distributing it to all schools in Qatar.

Special mention goes to:
Ms.  Fauzia Abdulaziz Al-Khater – Director of the Education Institute, SEC
Mr. Issam Jamil Azouri – Communication Adviser at the minister’s office, SEC

Sasol would like to express their sincere gratitude to everyone who provided support and offered content to make this mobile application a reality.

Flora Content

UNESCO Office Doha
› Dr. Rene Richer
› Dr. John Norton
› Dr. Benno Böer

Birds Content

Friends of Environment Center Doha, Qatar
› Dr. Elsadig Awad Bashir UNESCO Office Doha
› Mr. Richard Porter

Mr.Simon Price
Bird sounds:
› Acquired from

Insects Content

Friends of Environment Center Doha, Qatar
› Mr. Khalid Mardini

Reptiles Content

Special Thank you to Dr. Aurora Castilla and Friends of Environment Center Doha, Qatar
Content acquired from “The lizards Living in Qatar” First Edition published in Doha 2014.
Citation: Castilla AM, Al-Kubaisi DJ, Davies C, Mushtak A, Al-Marri WJ, Al-Naimi S, Al-Obaidali EA, Valdeón A, Saifelnasr EOH, Al-Yafei M, Alkuwari AJ, Al-Hemaidi AAM. The lizards living in Qatar. Eds Al-Hemaidi AAM. Al-Hajari SA, Al Subai K, Mohtar RH, Pelegrí JM, Castilla AM. Ministry of Environment Doha (Qatar), 2014

Dr. Cromwell Purchase from Al Wabra Wildlife Preservation

Mammals Content

Friends of Environment Center Doha, Qatar
› Mr. Mohammed Hashim
Reviewed by Dr. Dr Andrew Gardner, PhD FLS
Translated by Ms. Salam Chaghari

Marine Content

Special thanks to Dr. Fareed Krupp (Qatar Museum), for providing us information and photos and thanks to all the supporters stated in the copyrights, Disclaimer section.