Name: Camel

Common name: Camel

Local name: Jamal

Scientific name: Camelus dromedarius

Size: 3


Arabian camels have been domesticated for approximately 3,500 years and have been long valued as pack animals. Today, nearly all of the world's camels are domestic animals.


They can carry large loads for up to 25 miles (40 kilometers) a day. Some cultures judge a person's wealth based on the number of camels they own.


They are found in northern Africa (mainly the Sahara desert) and the Middle East, and have been introduced to Australia. Generally found in desserts with long dry seasons and short rainy seasons.


Length: 2.6- 3 m, Tail length: 1.6-2.9 cm, Weight: 450-650 kg

They have short fur ranging in colour from beige to dark brown with slightly lighter undersides, however in captivity white to beige and beige to black mutations are produced. They have a single hump on the back. They have a small head, with short pointed ears and long eyelashes. They also have nasal flaps which allow them to close their nasal passages during dust storms