Dotterel, Eurasian


Name: Dotterel, Eurasian

Scientific name: Charadrius morinellus

Type: Lapwings and Plovers

Color: Brown,White

Habitat: Coast,Ocean,Water

Size: 21cm

Conservation status:



Rather dark, brownish plover recalling non-breeding European Golden in general outline, but smaller; additionally white or buffish supercilia, meeting in a ‘V’ on nape, and narrow white or pale upper breast band are distinctive features in all plumages. Adult breeding female (male duller) has striking white supercilium and throat contrasting with blackish cap and greyish neck, upper breast bordered white with chestnut and blackish below. Adult non-breeding and immature rather similar with blackish brown scaly upperparts and buff under parts, lacking black and chestnut. In flight, no visible wing-bar, but shows white tip to dark tail, and buffish grey underwing; white shaft on outer primary sometimes rather distinctive. Sand Plovers and Caspian have whitish underparts and longer legs.