Ghebayra,Umm wajaa alkabid


Name: Ghebayra,Umm wajaa alkabid

Scientific name: Herniaria hemistemon

Type: Herb

Color: Green

Habitat: Sandy Areas

Size: 5 - 15 cm

Conservation status:



Family: Caryophyllaceae
Growth form: Perennial herb. Flowering. Feb–Apr. Status: Native. Very common. Also recorded: Bahrain, Kuwait, E Saudi Arabia, UAE. Habitat & distribution: Frequent on compact or thin soils over most of Qatar. Uses: ‘Good fodder’ (El Amin). The scientific name refers to its use in treating hernias (mentioned for Europe by Jongbloed et al.). It is used in Bahrain as a diuretic and purgative (Rizk & El-Ghazaly).