Hoopoe-Lark, Greater


Name: Hoopoe-Lark, Greater

Scientific name: Alaemon alaudipes

Type: Lark

Color: Black,Brown,White

Habitat: Desert,Fields

Size: 15cm

Conservation status:

Resident Breeder


Large, slender lark, easily identified by its long decurved bill, rather long pale legs, long tail and, in flight, bold black and white bands through wings. Upperparts unstreaked sandy grey-buff, underparts whitish, often spotted black on breast; whitish supercilium, dark eye and malar-stripe. Juvenile spotted on mantle but almost without breast-spots; bill less decurved. Speedy runs with sudden stops in upright position. In characteristic song-flight male ascends vertically, up to about 4 m, twists over and spirals to bush or ground with outstretched wings. Solitary or in pairs, not mixing with other larks.