Name: Orache

Scientific name: Atriplex leucoclada

Type: Shrub

Color: Green,Yellow

Habitat: Coastal Areas

Size: 50 cm

Conservation status:



Family: Amaranthaceae
Growth form: Shrub. Flowering. Oct–Nov. Status: Native. Local. Also recorded: Bahrain, Kuwait, E Saudi Arabia, UAE. Habitat & distribution: Occasional in coastal areas. Uses: Grazed by sheep and camels and is valuable salt grazing (El Amin). Cornes & Cornes note that ‘Atriplex species are a good source of fodder, with high protein content’. Notes: Two forms are recorded for Arabia: var inamoena (Aellen) Zoh. and var. turcomanica (Moq.) Zoh. Only the latter is confirmed for Qatar by Miller & Cope.