Plover, Caspian


Name: Plover, Caspian

Scientific name: Charadrius asiaticus

Type: Lapwings and Plovers

Color: Brown,White

Habitat: Coast,Ocean,Water

Size: 19cm

Conservation status:

Rare Passage Migrant


A slim and delicate plover mostly recalling sand plovers (which see) in size and general appearance, but separated by long attenuated body, with wings projecting well beyond tail-tip, when perched; proportionally longer legs, long neck and smaller head with rather fine tapering bill; broader white supercilium gives a ‘capped’ effect. Male breeding shows distinct blackish lower border to rufous breast band. In flight appears long-winged with faint wing-bar, only visible on inner primaries, and toes clearly projecting beyond tail; underwings are dusky (not white), and tail is rather dark with less white at sides and tip.