Plover, Kentish


Name: Plover, Kentish

Scientific name: Charadrius alexandrinus

Type: Lapwings and Plovers

Color: Brown,White

Habitat: Coast,Ocean,Water

Size: 16cm

Conservation status:

Resident Breeder and Winter Visitor


Small, sandy plover with white underparts, rather long, blackish legs, conspicuous white hindneck-collar and never complete breast band, in flight, a clear, white wing-bar and broad, white sides to tail. Adult breeding male has variable, rufous cap, black frontal bar, and lateral black breast-patches. Breeding female, adult non-breeding and juvenile are much duller, lacking black in plumage, and resemble Ringed and Little Ringed non-breeding, but separated by rather long, blackish legs, white breast, more white in tail, and call.