Name: Qadha

Scientific name: Haloxylon persicum

Type: Shrub

Color: Green,Yellow

Habitat: Sandy Areas

Size: 450 cm

Conservation status:



Family: Amaranthaceae
Growth form: Shrub or small tree. Flowering. Feb–May. Status: Native. Rare. Also recorded: Bahrain, E Saudi Arabia, UAE. Habitat & distribution: A characteristic species of deep, often drifting sand. Recorded only by El Amin, but, confusingly, he refers to this species as Haloxylon salicornicum. He recorded it east of Salwa at Mah Sobia hill (the area now known as Al Mashbiya), near the Saudi Arabian border. Uses: Grazed by camels; highly valued as firewood by bedouin and desert villagers (Mandaville).