Name: Seagrass

Scientific name: Diplanthera uninervis

Type: Sedge

Color: Green

Habitat: Coastal Areas

Size: 45 cm

Conservation status:



Growth form: Marine perennial herb. Flowering. Not known. Status: Native. Common. First published record: Abdel Bari (1997). Not in other Gulf areas, though marine flowering plants appear to have been overlooked by some authors. Habitat & distribution: In areas around the coast; widespread (Benno B?er). Uses: Diplanthera spp. and Halophila spp. (p. 71) are an important component of the marine food chain, but further study is needed on them in Qatar. Notes: Diplanthera wrightii (Asch.) Asch has been reported from Bahrain by Cornes & Cornes and may also be found in Qatar (see Mandaville 1990, p. 331).