Trident Leaf- nosed Bat


Name: Trident Leaf- nosed Bat

Common name: Trident Leaf- nosed Bat

Local name: Al Khafaash Thu Al Anf Al Waraqia Al Muthalatha

Scientific name: Asellia tridens

Size: 6


This is a colonial bat species, inhabiting caverns and ruined or empty buildings such as forts. Their flight is low and swift, like a large butterfly, and they can make rapid changes of direction.


At night, they flit around farms and gardens in pursuit of flying insect prey. They can also snatch insects off the ground. The female gives birth to one baby at a time after a gestation of about ten weeks.


In Qatar, a colony of around 60 bats was observed in a windowless room in a fort in the north west of the country, where they were hanging from the mangrove roof poles. However the colony was not there on a later visit.


Length: 6.1-9.0 cm, Tail length: 1.6-2.9 cm, Forearm length: 4.3 -5.6 cm

This is a small Leaf-Nosed Bat of fairly light build. The tail reaches the level of the feet and the tip protrudes 3-5 mm from the tail membrane. The colour is variable. Some individuals are light orange-brown on the back and belly. Others are pale greyish-brown or greyish-pink. In Qatar it appears that the grey variant predominates. The nose has a three projections (the nose ‘leaf’), hence the common name.