Turnstone, Ruddy


Name: Turnstone, Ruddy

Scientific name: Arenaria interpres

Type: Turnstone

Color: Black,Brown,White

Habitat: Coast,Ocean,Water

Size: 20cm

Conservation status:

Common Passage Migrant and Winter Visitor


A medium-sized, stocky, short-billed and short-legged wader; easily distinguished in breeding plumage by striking head and breast markings, chestnut shoulder-patch and wing-coverts, and bright orange legs. Flight is strong and direct and shows distinctive pied and chestnut appearance, black breast is a striking feature. In winter and juvenile plumage, head and neck are much darker, and usually lack chestnut; also juvenile shows bold buffish fringes on most coverts. Walks with a rolling gait, and turns over small stones and seaweed for food items underneath.