Wigeon, Eurasian


Name: Wigeon, Eurasian

Scientific name: Anas penelope

Type: Duck

Color: Brown,Grey,White

Habitat: Coast,Ocean,Water

Size: 48cm

Conservation status:

Winter Visitor


Medium sized rather rufous duck with short neck, rounded, steep forehead and small grey bill, tipped black. Looks to have a high rear end when seen on water. Has a white belly patch, obvious in flight and when on land. Adult male has creamy yellow forehead and forecrown contrasting with chestnut head and neck, pinkish breast, grey back and flanks, and black undertail-coverts. White forewing is conpicuous in flight, showing as a white band along side when at rest. Adult female varied in plumage from rufous to greyish brown, lacking white forewing. In flight, shows narrow wings, pointed tail, and contrasting white belly patch.