Clifford’s Diadem Snake


Name: Clifford’s Diadem Snake

Scientific name: Spalerosophis diadema cliffordi

Synonym: Diadem snake

Type: Snakes

Family: Colubridae


This species inhabits gravel plains, savannah, foothills and mountain plateaus. They have been know to move around at any time of day or night. Rodents constitute the bulk of the adults diets. A very useful snake around humans, and where found in large populations has a marked impact on rodent populations.

World Distribution:

Widely distributed in suitable habitats in the Arabian peninsula. Absent from the sandy desert of the Rub al-Khali, Northern Interior and the plains of the Jiddat al-Harasis. Elsewhere found from North Africa, through the Middle East to Iran.

Conservation status:

Not evaluated by IUCN Red List

Scientific publications:

Babies may be mistaken for Lytohynchus diadema

Similar species:

Babies may be mistaken for Lytohynchus diadema


Adults can reach up to 130cm, in arabia 90-100cm is more common. Head coffin shaped, and tapers from the angle of the jaw to a fairly narrow snout. The body is thick, long and slighly square in section. Variable in colour, most commonly grey/tan to reddish brown base colour, with a series of brown oval patches running along the spine.

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