Crake, Spotted


Name: Crake, Spotted

Scientific name: Porzana porzana

Type: Crake

Color: Brown,White

Habitat: Water

Size: 23cm

Conservation status:

Passage Migrant


A small-headed, round-bodied crake, much shorter and a little smaller than Water Rail, and slightly bigger than Little Crake. Otherwise similar to Little, but heavily white-spotted plumage. Short, red-based, yellow bill; flanks and vent strongly barred black and white, but has buff undertail-coverts (barred in Little), latter visible, when walking with tail cocked. Juvenile lacks grey head pattern, has whitish throat and bright brownish underparts with whitish spots. Rarely seen; moves with slow, stalking steps and sudden crouching run. Like other crakes very hard to flush. Flight action like Water Rail. Can also recall a small Moorhen with dangling legs.