Curved Hard-grass


Name: Curved Hard-grass

Scientific name: Parapholis incurva

Type: Grass

Color: Green,Yellow

Habitat: Gardens,Irrigated Areas

Size: 2 - 20 cm

Conservation status:



Growth form: Grass. Flowering. Not known. Status: Native. Rare. First published record: Cope (2007). Also recorded: Bahrain, Kuwait, E Saudi Arabia. Habitat & distribution: The typical habitats include seashores; but also found in irrigated lawns and gardens. Notes: Cope maps a record for this species over Doha. He notes that much of the material originally named as Henrardia pubescens (Bertol.) C.E. HuBenno B?er. is this species, though he does accept that Henrardia also ‘probably’ occurs.

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