Roller, European


Name: Roller, European

Scientific name: Coracias garrulus

Type: Roller

Color: Blue,Brown

Habitat: Cities,Fields

Size: 28cm

Conservation status:

Passage Migrant


Its turquoise-blue body and most wing-coverts contrasting with blackish flight-feathers, bright chestnut back and deep blue leading forewing above make this species unmistakable. The juvenile is duller and browner with lightly streaked neck and breast. In flight, has fast vigorous wing-beats, at times not unlike those of Lapwing. Medium–long tail narrow and square-cut. Often sits on prominent perch (wires, poles, dead branches) taking prey on ground in shrike-like manner. In display flight ‘tumbles’ from side to side in downward dive (not unlike Lapwing).

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