Stint, Little


Name: Stint, Little

Scientific name: Calidris minuta

Type: Sandpiper

Color: Brown,White

Habitat: Coast,Ocean,Water

Size: 13cm

Conservation status:

Common Passage Migrant and Winter Visitor


Often the commonest small sandpipers on passage and in winter in the region. In summer plumage, colour on face, neck, breast and scapulars varies from dull orange to warm buff: always shows a pale ‘V’ on mantle and dark centre to crown; in this plumage confusion with Sanderling possible but note small size of Little Stint and pale ‘V’ on mantle. In winter, upperparts become grey, usually with dark shaft-streaks to feathers. Juvenile, which looks very white below, has warm rufous tone to upperparts, a distinct white ‘V’ on mantle, diffuse greyish neck-collar and rufous, streaked breast sides. Always has dark bill and legs, the latter important for separation from Temminck’s Stint which has yellowish grey legs.