Warbler, Menetries’s


Name: Warbler, Menetries’s

Scientific name: Sylvia mytacea

Type: Warbler

Color: Black,Brown,Grey

Habitat: Fields

Size: 13.5cm

Conservation status:

Passage Migrant and Winter Visitor


A small short tailed warbler. Male has black forehead and ear coverts, with grey crown and brown grey mantle, wings with sandy feather-fringes and black alula. Females and juveniles are a pale sandy brown. In fresh plumage showwhite moustachial stripe, contrasting with pinkish-white throat and breast. Eye ring varies from salmon pink to red. Bill bi-coloured. Legs usually pinkish straw. Eye-ring varies from brown to yellow in adult female. Active on low shrubs and on ground. Often waves tail sideways or up and down.

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