Wheatear, Isabelline


Name: Wheatear, Isabelline

Scientific name: Oenanthe isabellina

Type: Wheatear

Color: Brown

Habitat: Desert,Fields

Size: 13cm

Conservation status:



Resembles large female Northern Wheatear but, generally, more robust in build, with longer legs and bill, slightly shorter tail and more upright stance; best separated by isolated black alula in paler, more uniform sandy wings, contrasting less with upperparts (has broader pale feather-edges to wings than Northern Wheatear; note that some first autumn Northern can show pronounced isolated dark alula), narrower white rump and, often, broader black terminal tail-band (pattern often intermediate between Northern Wheatear and Desert, but sometimes almost like Northern); in low flight shows half-translucent, dark-tipped primaries; underwing-coverts and axillaries buffish white (dark grey, broadly tipped whitish in Northern Wheatear); supercilium usually broader and whiter in front of eye (in Northern Wheatear, often narrower and buffier before eye). Runs more (hops less) and is faster over longer distances than Northern Wheatear; wags tail more strongly and frequently.

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